Stories From The Earth exhibition featured in Ceramics Monthly

Stories from the Earth: Voices of Contemporary Ceramic Artists
Beth Lo’s Then and Now,
26 in. (66 cm) in height, porcelain, epoxy, paper,
acrylic, 2008.
“Stories from the Earth: Voices of Contemporary Ceramic Artists,” a group exhibition of narrative works, was on view recently at Old Dominion University’s Baron and Ellin Gordon Art Galleries ( in Norfolk, Virginia. 

Curated by Art Education professor Richard Nickel, the exhibition included works by Erin Furimsky, Carrianne Hendrickson, Marlene Jack, Lori Mills, Beth Lo, Virginia Scotchie, Carol Schwartz, Michaeline Walsh, Jenny Mendes and Anna Freeman. Each artist, using a wide variety of storytelling, explores personal views on a variety of topics from relationships between significant others to childhood memories. Personal symbols, carved, molded, painted and thrown onto each form, invite the viewer to relate their experiences with those present in the works.

Beth Lo describes her work as “revolving primarily around issues of family and my Asian-American background. I commemorate major events in my family’s history, the day to day challenges of parenting and my own childhood memories of being raised in a minority culture in the United States. I also enjoy investigating, celebrating and sometimes satirizing traditional Asian aesthetics; I often make visual reference to calligraphy, origami, scrolls, Socialist Realist artwork, mahjong, as well as the many rich traditions of Chinese pottery and Tang and Han dynasty figurines.”

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