BFA Portfolio Review


Note: Students intending to pursue the Graphic Design concentration are not subject to this review. A separate continuancy review will be held during ARTS 370.

Continuancy Portfolios are due by November 1, 2012.

As part of the art degree program a portfolio review is required of all art and art education majors seeking a BFA Degree upon successful completion of the foundation courses. The purpose of the portfolio review is to assure that students can demonstrate visual and technical skills for successful continuation in the program and prepare creative work for senior show. It is also important for students as this stage in the art program to assess their career choices and make changes if necessary, to pursue either a BA or BFA degree depending upon the results of the portfolio review.

To select appropriate work for the portfolio, students should use the categories suggest below on the sample portfolio evaluation form. If a student has any questions concerning these guidelines, they should contact the Chief Departmental Advisor before submitting their portfolio. To continue in the BFA program and choose a concentration the student must pass the portfolio review.

Students that do not pass the review may re-submit a revised selection of work at the next portfolio review. Since the BA in Studio Art does not require a portfolio review, students are also encouraged to consider declaring the BA degree in Studio as an alternative degree choice.

* Work from all of the following foundation courses must be included in the portfolio: ARTS 202, 203, 231, 241, 279, 304

* The portfolio must contain a total of 10 examples of work from the above courses. Each course should be represented by a minimum of 1 piece of work.

* The work should demonstrate the understanding and skillful implementation of the following visual concepts:

– Balance, Color, Content, Dominance
– Economy, Emphasis, Expression, Harmony
– Line, Proportion, Shape, Space
– Texture, Unity, Variety, Value

* Click the link below to download the detail submission guidelines:
Digital Submission Guidlines (PDF file)

Contact your adviser or send an email with any questions:

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