Faculty office hours

Fall 2011

Dianne deBeixedon: Visual Arts Bldg. 225
Monday 10:00–12:00

Ivanete Blanco: Visual Arts Bldg. 227
Monday and Wednesday  12:50-1:50

Heather Bryant: Visual Arts Bldg. 128
Tuesday 12:00–1:00 and Friday 10:00–11:00

Ken Daley: Visual Arts Bldg. 129
Wednesday 9:00–12 noon

Patricia Edwards: VBHEC 273
Tuesday and Thursday 10:00–11:00

Peter Eudenbach: Visual Arts Bldg. 140
(on leave)

Kenneth FitzGerald: Visual Arts Bldg. 112
Tuesday 10:00–11:00

Elliott C. Jones: Visual Arts Bldg. 212
CDA Advising: Tuesday 2:00-5:00, Wednesday 10:00–1:00
General Office Hours: Monday 11:00-1:00, Thursday 2:00-4:00

Jiwon Lee: Visual Arts Bldg. 117
Monday and Thursday 11:00–12:00

Anne Muraoka: Diehn 120
Friday 10:00–noon

Richard Nickel: Studio Art Bldg. 119
(on leave)

Greta Pratt: Visual Arts Bldg. 219
Tuesday and Thursday 10:00–11:00

John Roth: Studio Arts Bldg. 124
Tuesday and Thursday 10:00–11:00

Robert Wojtowicz: Batten Arts and Letters Building 9034 (9th Floor)
Monday 1:30-3:30

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