Art at the Undergraduate Research Symposium



left to right: Kim Gay, Laura Rebecca Phillips, Emily Guthner, Benjamin Larned, Justice Kaufman, Sabrina Brooks.

The Art Department was well represented at the annual ODU Undergraduate Research Symposium, held on Saturday, February 7, in the Learning Commons at Perry Library. Students from the concentrations in Studio Art exhibited selected works while those from Art History presented papers in two panels: “New Research in Renaissance and Baroque Art:” Benjamin Larned, Justice Kaufman, Emily Guthner, Sabrina Brooks, and Laura Rebecca Phillips; and “New Research in Modern and Contemporary Art:” Deanna Brooks, Eva Marie James, Magan Shepard, Carlie Bagley, and Sarah Gorman.

image[6]Amanda Gonzalez, Drawing and Design

image[9]Kristen Brown, Photography

image[10]Alexis Cooper, Photography

image[11]Ashley Parrish, Photography

image[12]Rebecca Phillips, Painting

image[15]Shanna Crockett-Huggins, Graphic Design

image[16]Alyssa Hayek, Painting

image[1]Kaitlyn Hennessy, Sculpture

image[2]Carlie Bagley, Sculpture

image[3]Jack VanDyke, Sculpture

image[4]Jamar Weatherspoon, Printmaking

image[5]Cristina Irizarry, Drawing and Design

image[6]Magan Shepard, Drawing and Design

image[11]Work by Margaret Bush, Painting (not present)

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