Making and Meaning at Gordon Galleries


Assistant Professor of Art History Dr. Vittorio Colaizzi has curated the exhibition Making and Meaning in the Changing Gallery at ODU’s Baron and Ellin Gordon Galleries. The exhibitionis a selection of paintings, prints, photographs, and sculptures from Europe and America from the 19th to the 21st centuries that explores how the presence or absence of traces of the hand contribute to the communication of meaning. Whether their primary feature is the manner in which the materials are put together, or the significance of pictured figures and objects, the artworks on display are intuitively arranged with no didactic intention.Familiar themes such as beauty, loss, exaltation, and humor, apprehended through a variety of personal and cultural lenses, will hopefully incite the viewer to find and invent connections across time and space.

Making and Meaning features renowned and lesser-known artists as well as some atypical works by familiar names. Artists include Sally Mann, Alexander Rodchenko, Vija Celmins, Thomas Cole, and Larry Clark. There are four general concepts that appear on text panels throughout the exhibition, but they do not divide the gallery into four distinct sections. Myth and Sentiment; Cuts and Layers; Vernacular Abstraction, and Figural Distortions recur between and among the artworks, and the viewer is free to decide where, how, and if they apply.

Dr. Colaizzi writes, “I am very grateful to the Chrysler Museum for providing the opportunity to mine their collection and to present these somewhat unusual groupings. In addition to the stated themes of the show, my real goal was to find beautiful and curious work and assemble it in thought-provoking ways. We are very fortunate to have such a collection on hand and I look forward to seeing these works and others in the future.”

The exhibition runs until August 11, 2013.


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