Art Students’ Exhibition Selections!


The following students and works were selected for the Sixth Annual Old Dominion University Art Students’ Juried Exhibition. Thanks to juror Amy Brandt, McKinnon Curator of Modern & Contemporary Art at the Chrysler Museum of Art. And congratulations to the chosen students!

Troy Bonner: Untitled
Chris Boylan: Ray, A True Friend is Hard to Find
Anthony Brown: Research Prototype on Flexible Properties of Wood
Chali Cameron: Glued to Technology
James Clark: Art’s a Drag
Jessica Copeland: Gluttony, Pride, Greed, Lust, Revenge
Jon Gibson: Taking Up Residency, Home
Madelyn Higgins: Teapot in Black and White
Austin Jacobs: Robots and You, Water for Elephants, Father of the Atomic Bomb
Megan Jefferson: Angry Santa Cards, Hop on Down
Jessica Midgley: Eevee is Missing, Squirtle Mourns, Pickachu’s Funeral
Preston Mosley: America Scores with Trojan
Stephanie Ramirez: Untitled 2, Untitled 4
Leslie Renn: Signifyin’, Exponentiation
Ken Riley: Blackwater Ramp
Bryan Ruiz: Shadow of Doubt, Unknown Soldier, Hope
Kate Swartz: Subway, Target Shopper, Untitled Figure 1
Jesse Switzer: Untitled 1, Untitled 2, Odin’s Favor
Angie Van Dyke: Warm Traditions
Edward Whelan: Relic, With Real Hair and Beard

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