5th Annual Art Students’ Juried Exhibition: Selections!

Congratulations to all the students selected for this year’s Annual Art Students’ Exhibition! Our thanks to Emily Spruill Labows, Director of Cultural Affairs for City of Virginia Beach, for serving as this year’s juror. Work may be picked up this weekend, Saturday April 14 and Sunday April 15, 1:00 – 4:00 both days. Selected work must be returned to gallery ready for installation on Tuesday, April 17, 11:30 – 4:30.

Amanda Bradley: Discomfort Series (bathtub featured)
Shakira Brooks: Gender’s Derriere
Sabrina Bryan: Illustrated Lyric Book, Storm, Outcomes of an Unborn Child
Matthew Budahn: Gold Vessels
Brittany Callis: Monkey Fist
James Clark: Eskimo Kiss
Ani Cook: Couple Walking Away, Man with Bicycle
Angela Corpuz: Utterance
Kelcie Copeland: The Broken Jesus, Broken
Dominique Davis: Portrait (bland and white)
Alexander Dorney: Levittower
Patrick Diggs: Know Mad, Southern Fruit
Miquel Dominado: Lux Aeternia
Maribel Dunning: Shifting Sand, Untitled
Stephanie Eley: Maid Marion, Beauty, Structure
Jaime Escanelllas: All Green: , Evening Cowboys
Iain Eudailey: Rock the Vote (Time is Running Out)
Yvonne Frederick: After…the Cleansing
Rachel Gaus: Color Me Red, Tornado
Constance A Georghiou: Blow, Vintage WLYS
John Gibson: No Eyes to See No Ears to Hear, Not-a-Shimi
Hope Gordon: Let it Flow, Untitled Oil Painting
Rebecka Hall: Artichoke!, The Waterfall
Elizabeth Halstead: Big Idea-Love
Jennifer Heath: Derby Time, Rock the Vote: Marriage
Brian Herman: Moonlight Table
Madelyn Higgins: Geometric Lidded Jar
Laura Holt: Bubble Off Plumb
Elzabeth Jux Howell: Valenium Prophecy
Abigail Johnson: Esther on the Toilet, King’s Feast
Shanice Johnson: Escape the Canyon
Tristan Kyles: Ideas
Alyssa Judkins: Untitled (boxes overflow to floor), Used Tires
Emily Knollenberg: Romans
Jonathan Kwok: The Canvas
Christy Landrum: Wachapreague Carnival
Ashlyn Langemeier: At Nana’s
Stephanie LiPuma: The Beating Threshold, Cold, Hard and Dangerous
Robbin Love: Self Portrait in Green
La’Shawn Mackey-Robinson: The Absence of Evidence is not the Evidence of Absence (framed photograph)
Rali Manouk: Picasso Faceted, Bowin’ in the Wind, World’s Longest Yard Sale
Michael Marotta: Embedded Induction
Tyler McCoy: Conceited
Wesley Miller: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Audio Book
Katherine Monegro: Morning/Night Electric, The Times Are A-Changing
John Moses: Godzilla vs Gezorah
Breanna Neville: Passion
Andrew Oberle: The Bad Guys
Pheak Ok: Jimi Hendrix
Ashley Ortiz: Stimulus/Response, Text Message Etiquette
Oktawian Otlewski: Forgotten Hero, Biggest Fan
Logan Perryman: Bushido
Brooke Phelps: The Women of the Roller Derby Series
Jaimie Phillips: Luis, Chasing the Light, Under Pressure
Christian Platon: Cloud Nine Series
Heather Prestage: Sideshow Freak
Jessica Ray: Stippled Stop Light Incorporating Topography, Value Scale Study Self Portrait
Christina Rea: Untitled Watercolor
Khalil Riddick: Complexity, Skeletal Hand
Alexandra Serino: Helping Hand
Jessie Sheffield: Rock the Vote, “Clean” Coal, Reconsider
Johnny Shield: Ocean’s String
Valerie Spivey: Clothespin Flower
Renee Stepanek: Crimes
Ceindy Ton: Arik
Christa Turpin: Fireplace (Self Portrait)
Angie Vandyke: Woven Box
Kaityln Wash: Little Lion Man, Makedamnsure, Burning Example
Anne Waterfield: A Rose to Remember
Alexandra Whetzel: Aishiteiru Kara/Akachau
Russel Yerkes: In the Midst of Turmoil, Eminent Rouge
Manuel Zavala: World’s Longest Yard Sale, Haunted Child, Lightnin’ Hopkins’ Extravaganza, Little Guy

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