Pre-registration Advising Begins

Pre-registration advising begins after spring break. All students are required to meet with faculty in their major or concentration to clear the advising hold. See CDA Elliott Jones at other times for: portfolio review for transfer credit; evaluate transfer credits, course substitutions and waivers; evaluate AP course credit; declare a major; declare a minor in Studio Art or Art History; make changes in the major or minor; after seeing concentration advisor, review courses before applying for graduation; graduation certification; record discrepancies.
Check for faculty office hours or to make an appointment.

Pre-registration: April 9 – 13, Open registration begins April 14.

Art Education: Elliott Jones—VAB 212,
Dianne deBeixedon—VAB 225,
Richard Nickel (on leave)—ARTS 110,

Art History: Robert Wojtowicz—BAL 9034,

Drawing & Design: Elliott Jones—VAB 212,
Heather Bryant—VAB 129,

Studio Art (B.A.): Elliott Jones—VAB 212,

Fibers: Dianne deBeixedon—VAB 225,

Graphic Design: Kenneth FitzGerald—VAB 112,
Ivanete Blanco—VAB 227,

Painting: Elliott Jones—VAB 212,

Print & Photo Media: Ken Daley—VAB 131,
Greta Pratt—VAB 219,
Heather Bryant—VAB 129,

3D Media: John Roth—VAB 139,
Dianne deBeixedon—VAB 225,
Peter Eudenbach (on leave)—VAB 140,

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