New Internship Guidelines

Studio Art and Art History Majors:
Interested in an Internship for Academic Credit?

Why? An internship will provide you with many valuable skills, both practical and research-oriented, that will benefit you in your future endeavors. Moreover, prospective employers and graduate admissions committees often look favorably upon students who have succeeded in internship positions. Some internships are paid; however, most are not.

Where? Art students have been accepted into internship positions on-campus, locally, nationally, and internationally. These include: Chrysler Museum of Art, Norfolk; Contemporary Art Center of Virginia, Virginia Beach; Peninsula Fine Arts Center, Newport News; Courthouse Galleries, Portsmouth; Charles Taylor Art Center, Hampton; Mariners’ Museum, Newport News; Colonial Williamsburg Foundation; Hermitage Foundation Museum, Norfolk; Norfolk Southern; Sotheby’s International

When? Internships are best taken during the fall, spring, or summer semesters of your junior or senior year.

How? There are several preliminary steps you must take before applying for an internship:
1. Meet with a faculty coordinator at least one semester before you plan to take the internship (please note that studio art majors are subject to special tracking requirements)
—Studio art: Professor Elliott Jones –
—Art history: Professor Robert Wojtowicz –
2. Compose a resume; your faculty coordinator or staff members from the University’s Career Management Center may assist with this. For information about internship services provided by the Career Management Center, see:
3. Research several potential internship opportunities, making note of application deadlines. You may seek assistance from the Career Management Center in searching for internship opportunities out of the Hampton Roads area
4. Once you have been accepted into a position, register for ARTH 368 or ARTS 368 upon receipt of your coordinator’s overload signature
5. Notify the Career Management Center about your position

Requirements? A time minimum time commitment of 150 hours is required (approximately ten hours per week for fifteen weeks). Your expected course load, outside work schedule, and transportation to and from the internship site should be considered when planning your commitment. Please note that all credit internships across the University are graded as pass/fail.

Outcomes? At the conclusion of your internship, you and your supervisor will be asked to complete an on-line evaluation by the Career Management Center. In addition, you will be required to submit to your supervisor and your faculty coordinator a final report and/or portfolio – contact your faculty coordinator for more information. Lastly, your supervisor will be asked to submit a letter of evaluation to your faculty coordinator. If your performance is successful, your supervisor might be contacted to write letters of recommendation for you in the future.

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