Graphic Design Second Year Continuancy Review

When and Where
Thursday, August 5th, 2:00pm, VAB 116

How and when do I register for the review?
See either Jiwon Lee or Kenneth FitzGerald to sign up during the week of July 26-29, 2010.

Who should submit work?
All students who have completed Arts 202, 231, 279, 304, 271 and 370 can submit portfolios for consideration. Some, qualified, transfer students may, after a preliminary review by one of the full-time faculty submit a portfolio for admission to 300 and 400 level Graphic Design courses.
Students who wish to participate in the review must register for the review during the week prior (see above) to the review and pick up their additional design and writing assignments.

Why is a review necessary?
There are a limited number of seats that can be offered with the current facilities and teaching staff. A portfolio review ensures that students who are qualified and likely to succeed in the field will be offered a place in the program. Also, some students may not have adequate backgrounds in visual arts or are unable to demonstrate the skills (visual, verbal, and manual) necessary for success in the profession of graphic design.
Do not assume that good grades in classes assure you of a passing evaluation on your portfolio. Course grades are determined by factors such as attendance, participation, quizzes and tests, reading assignments, process work, exercises, and software skills as well as the creative work. However, the portfolio will be judged on its own merits without reference to all these factors.
The focus of the review is on the totality of the projects presented, with emphasis on your ability to demonstrate the expertise to be successful in the 300 and 400 level courses.

How will my portfolio and interview be evaluated?
The four areas of evaluation are:
Concept: awareness of contemporary issues, methodology, technical skill, creative exploration, written and oral expression.
Process: drawing/sketching, model making, site planning, verbal and writing skills.
Form: symmetry, rhythm, proportion, perspective, harmony, color, etc.
Engagement: personal and professional goals, basic understanding of the profession of visual communication design, enthusiasm and interest for your chosen profession.

What should I submit for the review?
Unofficial Transcript (all undergrad work).
Information Sheet (name, UIN, semester preference [fall 2010 or summer 2011]).

There are three components to the review portfolio.
1) A portfolio of 12 representative examples of your work:
— 6 Graphic Design pieces
— 4 Foundation Design pieces (2D, Color, Introduction to Drawing, Fundamentals
of Digital Art).
— 2 additional works that demonstrate your abilities as a designer/artist.
2) A design project completed specifically for the review (the details of this project
will be provided when you register for the portfolio review in the prior to
the review).
3) A short paper 500 – 800 words, typed (subject matter to be provided at registration
for the review).

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