Accepted works for Student Art Show 2010

Listed below are the works selected by Ragan Cole-Cunningham. Congratulations to the artists!

Work may be picked up at the gallery Saturday April 24 and Sunday 24 and 25, 1:30 – 4:30. Selected work must be returned to gallery ready for installation on Tuesday, April 27, 11:30 – 4:30.

Tess Amoroso: 3 horizontal photos and Space Within Gaps 4 works
Paige Anders: Nest, Blue Growth 2 works
Shannon Barnette: Hand Print and Green Man 2 works
Brandon Blevins: Undead Rising, Chased to Church, Stuck at The Crosswalk 3 works
Simon J. Burke: Qualitative vs. Quantitative, and Tiger Study 2 works
Mary Paige Cannon: Bambi 1 work
Liz Carney: Hard Rain 1 work
Johanna Coljin: Sun Ray Necklace and Earrings 2 pieces
Pearson Courtney: F101.554×16 1 work
Iain Eudailey: One In a Hundred (illumination) 1 work
Georgeanna Fellio: Battle at Berry Hill and The Key 2 works
Noel Furnish: Vegetable 1 work
Amanda Geiska: Graphic Recycle, Stop Pollution 1 work
Penny Graham: Wyoming Escape 3 and 4, Color of Life 3 works
Brenna Gresko:White Lies 1 work
Dianne Heath: In Memory 1 work
Julianna Heck: Peacock and Hungry 2 works
Melissa Hill: Corruption of Innocence by Sin 1 work
Savannah Kaylor/Sam Roque: Unscientific (book) and text bowl 2 works
Adam J Komatz: Viaje de Biccileta 1 work
Melanie Krough: Hookha’s Prospective 1 work
Christy Landrum: untitled and Exclusive 2 works
Karine Lombardo: Matrimonio and Box Piece 2 works
Robbin Love: Bang 1 work
Heather Lynn: Insult Cups and Carrier 2 works
Sarah Macomber: Untitled 1 work
Alex Matz: Aspertame Dreams 1 work
Katie McLaughlin: Push Pull 1 work
Wade Mickley: AWFSCD and One Thousand, Two Thousand 2 works
Wesley Miller: Sunday Lounge 1 work
Tom Norris: Genesis 1 work
Jeffrey Ocampo: Beatles Muertos, Jane Muertos 2 works
Zachary Patrick: Untitled
Heather Prestage: Granby Street Bridge 1 work
John Shield: WPPM 1 work
Peter Thielen: Perspective on Japanese Landscape poster 1 work
Tukwon Thomas: Untitled 1 work
Alexandra Walker: photos 2 works
Frederick Warner: wine jug piece 1 work
Nikki Webb: Collograph Series 3 works
Kyle White: Awaiting a King 1 work
Corrie Wiley: Quad, Rising, Inside Looking Out 3 works
Caine Wilkes: George’s Morning Hours 1 work
Manuel Zarola: Angeles and Black Road 2 works

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