Study Abroad in Italy!

Art History professor Dr. Anthony Lichi will be leading a summer 2010 trip to Italy, to study the Italian Renaissance in Florence and Rome.

This course offers students the opportunity to experience, first hand, the amazing paintings, sculptures, and architecture of the Renaissance in the very places the movement was born.
Daytrips included to sites outside Florence and Rome, as well as visits to many outstanding places of interest within the cities themselves. These include trips to Pisa, Assisi, and Siena, and excursions to important museums and art pieces scattered throughout the cities.

The class will meet on campus the week prior to the trip to Italy, and each day the two weeks following the return to Norfolk. Participants will complete assigned readings throughout the course, and write a research paper, accompanied with a brief presentation.

Priority application deadline:
February 15, 2010 (inquire about availability after this date; reserve early to assure availability of space)
Cost: $3,250* with scholarship

For more information, download this PDF or contact:
Prof. Anthony Lichi
Dept. of Art History
Diehn 118
(757) 683-4678

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