Andrew Breitenberg: Visiting Artist, October 8


Andrew Breitenberg will give a presentation as the Art Department’s Visiting Artist program on Thursday, October 8, 7:00pm in the Baron and Ellin Gordon Gallery atrium. Breitenberg is a Virginia Beach native and graduate of the Swarthmore College Critical Visual Studies program in 2001. He subsequently went on to graduate study in graphic design and work as an advertising copywriter in The Netherlands. For the past few years, he has been an activist for social justice while working with community groups in Africa and Nicaragua. As part of his work, he has produced regular “Field Reports” outlining his activities, which have appeared in the New York Times on line, plus major faith-based websites like Sojourners and Jesus Manifesto in addition to being distributed throughout his community of friends and supporters.  Breitenberg will speak about and show images from his travels, his work in design, and the intersection of creativity and faith. (Breitenberg overlooking Cape Town, South Africa, photograph by Chris Seitz.)

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