Scholarship/Student Show Review this Friday!


For Studio Art, Art Education, Art History, and Visual Studies
Competition date: Friday, March 28
Exhibition dates: April 12–May 11

On Friday, March 28, the Art Department will be holding a review to select works for the first Art Students’ Exhibition in addition to its annual Scholarship competition. The Art Students’ Exhibition will be held in ODU’s University Gallery. All students are eligible to compete by submitting a selection of work. The Art Department faculty will select the Scholarship winners while a distinguished outside juror will curate the Exhibition. Students selected for Scholarships will automatically be included in the Exhibition.

You don’t have to be eligible for financial aid to be eligible for Scholarships! Only one award is need-based.

Students applying for the Exhibition and Scholarships based on artwork, must bring their work on Friday, March 28 between 8:00am–10:45am to VAB 211 with a completed application form, and a pre-made 4×5 card with your name and e-mail clearly printed. Forms are available as a PDF, in the Art office, and on line at the Scholarships page of the Art Department website. Portfolios may contain no more than ten (10) pieces total. Anything deemed a “series” must be physically connected in order to be considered as one piece. Studio applicants must also include an artist’s statement no more than 100 words. Judging will take place 11:00 am–12:59 pm; and students may pick up their work beginning at 1:00pm. Works do not need to be framed or mounted for the review! However, if your work is selected, proper presentation is needed for the exhibition the following week!

Students selected for the Exhibition and Scholarship winners will be contacted individually the following week. Scholarship winners will also be publicly announced at the Exhibition opening, Saturday, April 12, 7:00–9:00pm.

For information on some of the Scholarships to be awarded, go here.

For further information on the competition, contact Kenneth FitzGerald.

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