Yes, the Art Department does have an image database


Hi, I’m Nancy Shelton, Visual Resource Curator for the Art Department and this is a work in progress but it’s ready to use. The program is the Madison Digital Image Database2 developed at James Madison University and is free to use. There is a wiki – MDID wiki with help pages and support.

The Art Department has an image database with over 17,000 images. There is something for everybody. To get to them first activate the MDID on the Midas page then go to The vertical bar to the left has ‘Search’ and ‘Browse’ links so start there. Faculty can download large images for teaching and students can view thumbnails. Images can only be used for classroom teaching and research and any other use will probably be considered copyright infringement. This is a huge morass of legality and you don’t need to complicate your life with it.

Check back for more posts with help files, new accessions and how new images can be requested (this is just for faculty, sorry). For further help or feedback e-mail me at

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